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There's no doubt about it, Godzilla has landed in the USA and the market has gone crazy for it!!


You can now experience the car that is made of legends.  Amazing handling, superior tuning and absolute street credibilty...... NISSAN Skyline GTR!


For your convinience we ship direct to the USA.  


Specialists in supplying, maintaining, tuning and restoring NISSAN Skylines since 1992.


Nobody outside of Japan knows more about these cars than we do.  


Choose your new Skyline, sit back and let us do the rest, its that easy.


After we deregister your car in Japan we arrange for your new car to be sent to port where upon arrival it is prepared for shipping to its final USA destination port.


We advise you of its progress all the way through its journey.


We have our appointed USA based Customs Clearance Broker who assists you importing your vehicle correctly into the USA.


We cover all your bases and offer only the best available Skylines.  All of our stock is handpicked by our experienced staff.


So simply choose your car, talk to our experienced staff, sit back and wait for your call from our Customs agent and drive your NISSAN Skyline!